skam¬†is a norwegian teen drama series revolving around a couple of teenagers living their life as they keep up with their social lives and school. while the short definition may come across as cliche, once you watch it along the way you’ll realize that you thought wrong.

alright,¬†so.¬†ninety percent of the time, i am on twitter and has been becoming active these past few months since it’s summer. and from time to time i keep seeing tweets about tarjei and henrik (i had no idea who they were but it’s what i usually see so the names got imprinted on my mind), a couple of them are gifs of them cuddling and stuff. it was on late may that i realized that they’re from a series called¬†skam¬†but i never really took notice of it until the last week of june. i saw that the last episode aired and a lot of people are freaking out so i thought, “why not give it a go?” since it looked like a promising show with positive reviews.

to sum it up, each season has a new main character and with this we can see how they live and as well as the problems they are facing. each season focuses on different topics that some teenagers can relate to which is a goal of the creators. some mentioned topics include relationships, sexuality, religion, feminism, eating disorder, and so much more. in here you can also have a look at their culture and learn about it as you watch the show. though some scenes are explicit, what i like about it is that it’s raw, they want us to see what it really¬†is. it’s¬†life.

(bit of a spoiler alert on next paragraph)

if some of you are interested to know what my favorite season is, it probably has to be¬†season three¬†which focuses on the life of isak, a guy struggling to find his sexuality. i¬†loved¬†his character because he seems so grounded, still making a lot of mistakes but he’s learning. he was involved in relationships that failed while he’s still having troubles who he is. then came this guy named even. the way isak stared at him the first time made me think, “well, this is a start of something cute.” they fell in love but the thing is that it’s not stars and rainbows, it was hard for them. there are a lot of obstacles, with even distancing himself the day after they’re together. it was a maze, and it made me quite sad that he keeps on doing that to isak (because i’ve grown attached to him already) but realized the reason why after a few episodes. it’s a quiet season, to be honest, but it hits your heart that you feel a loud pang. this is actually the season that i cried so bad because it just hits you, it hits you so bad.


Screenshot (72)


overall,¬†yes.¬†i recommend you guys to watch this amazing show. it’ll make you feel all sorts of things. it’s perfect to binge watch at a calm day, laying on your bed with a cup of hot coco. and if you have watched it already, tell me your thoughts !!! let’s talk about it.

oh, and the soundtrack is¬†good.¬†so that’s a big plus.





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