to: one direction

to the boys who i grew up listening to, here is a letter for you.

hi (oops), i’ve been a fan since you all look like you’re fresh out of the womb. i watched your first music video at some music channel and immediately got interested, of course i was around eleven or twelve that time and liked almost everything pop. what i did not expect is finding myself digging deeper to search who you guys are, and man that led to a lot of things. just look where i am right now.

i grew in love with your music —yes, even though it’s too pop a couple of years back— and grew in love with your personalities as well. you’re just five lads who wants to reach out people through music together, weird how i witnessed almost everything iconic that ever happened in your career. and i honestly can’t get enough.

think it was around 2012 that i started making a twitter account dedicated to you, but i became more active the next year. it was a crazy experience, and still is. through that i met so many internet friends and i have to thank you guys for it. twitter is one of the ways you guys communicated with the fans (remember all of your twitcams?) and we managed to get to know you well. i loved how you guys are just laid-back and mostly calm, it made my love for you guys very solid and i thought, well, there is no going back now, is it? i have to say i don’t regret it.

gosh. the one thing i wasn’t prepared for was the drama (in bold because that’s how stressed i am) and in this case, it happens nearly every time i blink. it still stresses us all out because it never seems to end. y’all have more problems than the entire fandom population combined. but as we age, we managed to know the pattern of the things we need to be aware of and became mature —something that outsiders don’t seem to wrap around their heads up until now— in handling it.  i must say that this fandom is better than the FBI in terms of investigating some smelly drama. and have you guys seen edits? professional photo editors have been warned.

but despite all that drama, most of us are still here. and i don’t think we’ll ever leave the home that we made even though at this point you’re at a hiatus. it’s true when people say that once you entered this fandom and accepted it fully, it’s hard to search for the exit. as much as i wanted to leave because of all the stress you put me into, i never done it. you guys have been my home, and i’m forever thankful for it. leaving would just be ridiculous at this point. i already grew up with you all.

your music have evolved so much these past few years, though some people still see you guys as this bubblegum pop boyband in which i just laugh. and since all of you have now released your solo music, i see no difference. you’re still a bunch of lads doing what you love and supporting one another. so yes, i’m never going to leave.

thank you for everything. thank you for your music, thank you for your incredible and genuine personalities. one direction is who we are and always will be.


for your convenience, i’ll link some of the iconic songs from the boys.

if i could fly  //  where do broken hearts go  //  a.m.  //  home  //  walking in the wind  //  18  //  fireproof  //  no control  //  what a feeling  //  through the dark  //  ready to run




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